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Thread: no .html at end of address

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    no .html at end of address

    i don't know exactly where to post this, or find the answer, but how do I make a page not have .html at the end. so it would be www.anypage.com/this

    you know without the .html at the end. but it would still be a html page.

    make any sense?

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    Im not sure.. do you mean so you can't see the html in the browser, or do you mean peolple have to type in something and you don't want them to type html..?

    try using the .htm if it's the first case..

    or return and tell me Im way of
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    Rename the file say "yourfile.html" to just "yourfile"
    i.e. Just remove the Extention.

    You need to say what program you want to open it with ...
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    Make a new folder and call it this (to use your example above). Upload this folder to your server where you would normally upload files for your www.anypage.com website. Into this folder upload the page you want to open when people type in www.anypage.com/this and name this page index.html.

    This page will now automatically open in peoples browsers when they now type in www.anypage.com/this

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