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Thread: corrupted .fla???? NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

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    corrupted .fla???? NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

    I'm running windows2000, my machine crashed in the middle of working on a .fla file that I have a lot of time invested in... I went to open it up today, (created in and using mx04) and when I open the file, it doesn't do ANYTHING. I've tried dragging it into the window, opening using 'file->open' and it just leaves me staring at the mx04 welcome screen.

    Is there a way to recover this file?????

    The funny thing is, I made a backup of the file just before I tried opening it today in case something like this happened. Unfortunately I made a backup of the corrupted file...

    Please, please tell me all is not lost!!


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    do you have the SWF? (before it was corrupted?)

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