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Thread: How Do I Stop It Looping?

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    How Do I Stop It Looping?


    I've just created my first flash movie (is it a movie?). It's a logo and I want it only to play once and not keep looping as it is doing when published as a webpage. How do I make it play only once (unless the page is reloaded).

    I'm usin Flash MX (Not 2004)


    PS There seems to be a lot of tutorials out on the web but does anyone have any particular favourites?

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    At the end of your movie, on the main timeline, put a stop(); command in the actions panel. You need to put it in a keyframe. This will allow the movie to play through and stop on the last frame.

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    if you want the snd to stop but the animation to continue
    do this
    make a kframe where the snd should end
    Insert the snd again
    set to stop sync

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