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    Hey all, i was wondering through the site check bbs, and i came across this site, http://www.tricopter.com I was wondering if anyone out there knows how to do those human motion design thing whatchamacallits. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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    [don't know any easy ways]

    I explained to a other guy allready, but this is not really the same. [check out egomedia.com ->egomovie]

    [the hard way]
    you first need a video and a videocard in your PC, then a converter [don't know any] to convert mpeg to a .avi. And then you can edit the avi with Animation shop [comes with paint shop pro 6], then you save it as a GIF or a BMP, and finally you can import it in your flash movie.

    [the 2nd hard way]
    you do all images step by step using only Flash, and onionskins. but you got to have draw skills also!

    [swf width="300" height="40" background="#000099"]http://GSprods.homestead.com/files/NMEfoot.swf[/swf]

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