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Thread: How much should I qoute this site for?????

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    How much should I qoute this site for?????

    Here is what they want the site to do how much should I qoute?? I need a price quick,

    Function (Requirements)
    1. Search (within G.I.T. web search)
    2. Legal/privacy/contact/copyright statement
    3. Easy news update (link to text file)
    4. Browser load >> as light as possible >> avoid too much fancy staff
    5. Color coordination >> G.I.T.'s company color
    6. all pages have return button to "Home"
    7. old news to past news page
    8. Seasonal picture (automatic monthly updates)
    9. New news highlighting for x-weeks (blinking?)
    10. 5 newest news display to "Home"
    11. embed accessibility
    12. Member registration for downloads services
    13. All product photos and product names link to detail info.
    14. Online shop (Japan only)
    1. Verdana for English pages
    2. MS P Gothic for Japanese pages

    Tag line
    1. Change tag line from "Electric Design Services and Solution Provider"
    to "Electric Design and Solutions Provider"

    1. English/Japanese toggle
    2. Home
    3. Products/(Services?)
    4. Download
    5. About us
    6. Job
    7. IR
    8. Contact us
    9. Site map

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    I dont normaly reply to these types of posts but seeing how nobody else has bothered I will this time. The only problem being I have no idea as to how much you should charge.

    What I would suggest though is to take a look at a company website that produces flash sites and see how much they would charge. If they dont have a price list, send them your requirements and see what they say.


    The first one looks nice

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