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Thread: Preloaders and other things

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    Preloaders and other things

    Im building a site for a furniture company and was wondering how to break the site up with preloaders so it all wont load at the same time. How do you do that?Please be specific, Ive never done it.

    Second Question.
    Im using Flash 5 and instead of building for the Flash preview(cntrl ent), Im building it for the HTML preview because it allows me to scoll. Is this OK? Hope that made sense.

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    The way it would work for you is to create several seperate SWF files which you would load into your main movie. At the begining of each SWF you would have your preloader. There are many preloader tutorials on the web, just google for them and your sure to find one you like. If you can be bothered to google, theres a detailed preloader on :


    Navigate to the tutorials sections and check it out.

    Also try www.kirupa.com aswell as on here of course

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