You can download the SWiSHvideo BETA here:

SWiSHvideo BETA lets you convert your video files into high-quality Flash 6/7 video.
Now you can easily display your videos on the web complete with play controls and playback settings.

***SWiSHvideo features**

>>> Import Video
Import your AVI, QuickTime, MPEG or Windows Media videos into SWiSHvideo.

>>>Video Compression
Select your videos compression quality, key frame intervals, deblocking and smoothing settings.

>>>Play Controls
Select from a set of slick playback controls, complete with Play, Pause, Stop, Forward and Rewind buttons.

>>>Import Controls
Create your own custom controls in any Flash authoring tool and import them into SWiSHvideo.

>>>Playback Settings
Adjust your vidoes border width, background color, scaling, start and end states.

>>>Audio Settings
Choose whether to include your videos audio and if so the compression, bit rate and frequency to use.

Cheers, David.