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Thread: so i've been seeing all this stuff and...

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    lately i've been seeing a lot of pixelized art work like the stuff on eboy.com and netbaby and and and...
    some my question is what technique and or program do they use to get that effect? i'm really interest in creating some art with that look but i havent even found a name for it.

    p.s. im tired, are you tired?

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    never seen eboy.com......cool graphics!

    i think they use adobe photoshop & illustrator.

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    I am not sure, but I know that harra (http://come.to/harra) is good at stuff like that.

    I'll bet he can help you if you track him down
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    Ahh yeah. Pixel art rocks. But my site doesnt contain any of that stuff im afraid (made it before i started with that techique). But yes, these days I mainly do pixelstuff.
    I use photoshop. Pen tools, line tool (with no anti aliasing) and as few colors as possible. The air brush is also good if you set it to dissolve spray. I always use 1point lines and pens and if i want to resize i always set the resample rate to nearest neighbour (otherwise the pic will become anti-aliased.Its a very time consuming technique but the results are well worth it.
    Yeah eboy are the kings.

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