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Thread: Cursor must be over Text as a button

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    Cursor must be over Text as a button

    I am using text as a button to unload and load a movie but it only works when the cursor is over the actual physical pixels of text rather than just hovering over the word as I would like and one would expect. The actionscript is given to the entire button rather than to any state within the button.
    You can see it in action at http://www.tahoepreschool.com
    It's still a work in progress. Currently only the top three buttons are active. Any ideas? Thanks

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    Put a rectangle in the hit area frame of each button. (Make sure it's the same size as the text was.)

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    I try to do a rectangle with no fill and no stroke and it doesn't give me the option to add actions to it. I'll keep playing with it.

    added-I'm guessing I need to do it on a new layer. Off to try that.

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