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Thread: Template Quality on the Rise

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    Template Quality on the Rise

    So just for fun I was checking out templatemonster.com and was blown away by some of the templates.

    They're all out 3D rivaling the quality of some of the more well known design companies. Even the non 3D designs are quite amazing.

    I'm wondering what the story is here. Are some of the "big guys" trying to bring in a little more on the side?

    What does this mean for the high quality design firms?

    Just looking for your $.02

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    Templates may be getting better but nothing beats getting custom design, functionality, and maintenance.
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    A design is part of a concept its quite hard to start from one of those design while they arent focus on a strict Idea. It can help and influence for sure and I must say that most of them arent made on the fly. Its quite interesting tought that some people are making those only for $
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    Template designs are definitely getting better. I love explaining to clients why its going to cost XXX dollars to complete their project when they can get a design for $50 off template monster.

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