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Thread: New Portfolio;)

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    Very nice!!! I love the rollover effects and the transitions, very smooth and eyecatching. And thanks for the tip about Particle Illusion, I'm going to give it a try.

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    really inspirational

    Hey- I really liked your work- Really really inspirational- I just finished a class in after effects. I feel like I know the program but am lacking the knowledge to make those cool effects- Can you tell me the basics of what you used- was it the Bezier warp and scale - Just something to get me started- thanks

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    Transitions and rollovers are ace! Very smooth and clean site, and it's fun just to run over all of the buttons with your mouse. Visually pleasing stuff.

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    I like the site a lot except that I personally never go for designers putting their image in sites (something about a slick, well groomed site featuring someone who; no offense, is in a baseball cap and t-shirt, throws it off for me, but that's just my taste).

    This is a great site and wonderfully animated. Kudos.

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    wonderful site

    Colours great.

    Transitions great.

    very nice work with after effects (I just got this and need to learn it)

    Can I ask you something sean, I notice that on the about page you have made a very nice text scroller with easing. It also seems that you have used a minimal font - now this text remains clear when you scroll through and wherever the text stops, it is always clear an unblurred, how did you do this?

    Whenever I have tried this, it always looks ok before I start scrolling, but when I start scrolling, the text becomes unreadable? any adive, old fla file? tutorial?



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    thnx alot everyone for the great replies, i put alot of work into this project and i truly appreciate and respect your inputIf it wasnt for this forum i would never have gotten this far in web design, i still have alonnnnnnnnnnnng way to go, but thnx to flashkit and its users, the journey thus far has run extremely smooth

    thnx again everyone!!!

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