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Thread: Sound Loops. . . .:Ahhhhhhhhh

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    Hello flashaddicts,

    Could somone/anyone tell me why the heck i can import some .wav files? It came up with a message saying that i could not use it because it was an invalid format. But i checked it and it was a .wav.

    http://members.home.com/zytariuk/break.wav is the file thanks for the help.

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    Just open it in Sound Recorder, or another wav file editor, and save it again..Than it works..


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    There are over 10 different types of .wav formats, some are windows based some are not. Some MS based , some not, do like he last post says and it will convert it to a MS Windows based . wav file. Also it maybe coz the .wav file is less than 11hz.

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    Save your sounds as PCM format and be sure that NOT another program is using the sound when u import it (ex = Winamp)
    Try it out and give me some feedback on this one
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