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Thread: Eddie Murphy dodging a bullets

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    Eddie Murphy dodging a bullets

    Have you ever played that game police 911 in the arcade? The one where you actually duck and move to avoid bullets and stuff... Well.... if you know me I will do all but everything to avoid any physical exhertion in any shape way or form (yet im skinny as a twig). Also given the fact that that game makes you look utterly riddiculous as you dive and twitch trying to avoid the yellow pixels resembling bullets on the screen, I concluded that I would make my own game of the sort and make it so all you have to do is press buttons on the keyboard. here is my file so far. not much. not really anything at all. press a, and d to move side to side. looks really cool tho. just like the real thing

    any ideas on how to make something like this work?
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    Can you dig it?

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