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Thread: javascript pop up menu under swf

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    javascript pop up menu under swf

    Hey guys, we're building a site with a navigation bar up top with javascript drop down menus. Underneath the nav bar we're going to have images with 'inspiring' text. We were thinking of using flash for the photos underneath to add a little life to the text, etc. Once embedded, the javascript drop down menu's now appear under the swf. Anyone know of a workaround for this? They don't want to move the nav bar and they don't want to do the nav bar in flash either. Macromedia's site said something about the flash plug-in being on top of everything else so everything appears behind it, but it didn't offer any options. I'd hate to think we'd have to just go with static images because of this.


    [swf width="300" height="40" background="#FFDDBB"]http://www.pushthetempo.com/bond03.swf[/swf]

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    Flash z-order is always on top. I once read there was a way to force it under, but I never got it to work.

    I believe it's because flash uses a plugin, rather than being html.

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    You're in luck, I've seen it done:


    just don't know how... I'm still looking. I know the menus are by opencube.

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    I actually found it too at MLB.com. Then I found this here that explained it. Turns out it's pretty simple.
    [swf width="300" height="40" background="#FFDDBB"]http://www.pushthetempo.com/bond03.swf[/swf]

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    <param name='WMode' value='Transparent'>
    This ONLY works in I.E.
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