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Thread: complex animation.

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    complex animation.

    first of all, the current animation can be seen here : www.naoneo.com in the title
    however i wanted to add an occasional snese, since all the mc's are on different levels and such, i decided the best way would be to create an empty mc on the main timeline and have it (after 5000 frames), tell which movie clips to go to a certain frame (in this case i use 13 frames at the end of each animated movieclip, cut off by gotoandplay(1) before the 13 frames start, the idea was to have the empty MC to tell all 4 movice clips to go to the specified frame and play... however its not working -_-

    currently i have
    _parent.sayaku.sakuraku2.headku.mouthku.gotoAndPla y(1078);
    i've also tried _root, _level1 all the way up to _level 10 :P
    the mc is structured like this

    i have marked which mc's have the reserved frames which need to be jumped to.

    any help? :/
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