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Thread: portfolio site (TMedia)

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    portfolio site (TMedia)

    Here is my portfolio site which incorporates flash/HTML/php.


    Any feedback would be nice.

    *NOTE* I have tested the site using both pc's and macintosh, pc displays the pages correctly while macintosh does not. If anyone is familiar with CSS feel free to tell me why this happens!
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    Nice site, but the navigation needs some help, nobody's gonna stay around if they have to sit and wait for the links to wrap around the T. I'd suggest using some actionscripting on the main links spinning around, so when you mouse over them the closest link goes in the direction of the pointer then stops. Overall though, I like the style.

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    I actually thought having the objects go around completly was kind of amausing. If you pay close attention and follow the object around the corner of the "T" it goes faster around the corner.I kepted playing around with it, see the thing is that when you start off you want to entertain people, so they can remmmember you. I thought the Logo was awesome, very original with the streaks coming out. Only complain is the fonts, I know i keep repeating myself but the MEDIA underneath the logo "T" looks like IMPACT font and the menu fonts are verdana's rendered as HTML. I say dump one or the other.

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