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Thread: Got a question bought Vbulletin??

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    This is easily the best board out there in terms of looks and interactivity.. You guys have done an amazing job.. Just got a couple questions cause i'm planning a new site with a board. I've got one right now that uses infopop's Ubb and was wondering would this be better.. Been having alot of trouble lately with it, and the putting in hacks is just long and tedious work.. Wondering is the Vbulletin easier to add hacks.. I especially love the Swf flash footer.. Is that a hack or a part of the vB code.. The vB board doesn't use CGI-Perl like the Ubb?? MAn excellent job.. I'd rather learn vB than Perl.. Any info on the vB?? I've found vBulleitin.org but it's down or something.. Just any comments or suggestions of vBulletin vs Infopop would be much appreciated..

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    hey dude, well what are the advantages with your one. can you has special features such as using bold, underline, italics,
    • dot points
    , and many more? If so, then stick with your one. Personally, I know that using vBulletin boards are the better way to go.
    Just go to the offical vBulletin site here.
    You may also want to check out some other pages like: http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/showt...?threadid=4697
    catcha l8er, and good luck

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