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Thread: check out me and me bros

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    check out me and me bros

    please check out our new site all feed back welcome

    check it out www.bolegbros.co.uk

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    Holy Crap - Did you guys really do all that with Legos?? That should be on "That's Incredible" or something! Good work

    and the site is okay also ;o)

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    I love legos. I spent a good 20 minutes on the build a lego person page. Awsome.
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    Wow, that's incredible! Well, the Legos, I mean
    The site... is not bad. It's simple and to-the-point.

    You might want to consider centering the Flash in the page, and adding a background pattern or at least a color aside from grey. Short transition animations also would not hurt, but they're not really needed. There should definitely be a way to see bigger pics from the Gallery, though... I want to see those Lego creations more closely, you know?

    I think the site succeeds in what it's trying to do. If you ever redo it, just try to pizazz it up a little
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    THat was great fun, I love that.

    My favourite bit was the 'tossers' section
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