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Thread: day care site

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    day care site

    I am doing this site and I think it's lame. http://www.hyperblitz.com/demo/theacademy/

    the client wants it 600x800, and a lot of it's his idea. any suggestions?

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    I like the animations in the header. It's very pleasant looking. However, I think the drop shadow for the image on the right needs to be redone. You might want to consider adjusting the settings on the drop shadow effect to give you a softer more subtle look. The image itself is not cut properly as you can see some white on the left rope.

    You could also try experimenting with some font changes in your header section. They seem to all be a different size. "Career Opportunities" is dangerously close to the bottom of the header and typically you want to allow for more space.

    Overall, it's a great start though.

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    I think it's very nice work. Fits the product and pulls it off cleanly and attractively.

    You guys are too hard on yourselves!!
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