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Thread: flash portfolio

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    flash portfolio

    hey guys,

    just finished my flash portfolio and wondered wot u all thought?


    thanks, rob

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    Very clean and simple - I like it!
    Fast loading and smooth too.
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    i agree its very clean and simple but maybe too clean and simple? its hard to critique when you have your own natural bias ... but i would have to say that it needs a lot more snazzying up. just my opinion though.

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    hi first of all I like it, i agree with the comments above but one thing you should probably fix is the fact that your scrollbar doesnt keep scrolling if you hold down you have to keep clicking down... I had the same problem the other day and found this code useful so maybe you will also... sorry to everyone on flashkit but after over 100 posts i still don't know how to make this code soo:

    upButton.onPress = function(){
    pressing = true;
    movement = -1;
    upButton.onRelease = function(){
    pressing = false;
    downButton.onPress = function(){
    pressing = true;
    movement = 1;
    downButton.onRelease = function(){
    pressing = false;
    _root.onEnterFrame = function(){
    if (pressing == true){
    text1.scroll = text1.scroll+movement;

    hopefully it is self explanatory... nice site
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