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Thread: after effects

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    after effects

    does anyone know a good place to start tutorial wise for learning after effects
    I've just downloaded a trial version as i have seen lots of others using it to great effect but it looks a bit complex for someone who has no idea what there doing and there doesn't seem to be a tutorial on the programme

    any one got any ideas ?

    watery effects are preferable

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    thats great and exactly the kind of stuff i wanna do but at the moment i'm a total noob and am kinda looking for a real basic tutorial to talk me all the way through creating a logo animation
    step by step

    any ideas ?

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    Haven't looked at it myself but this might be of some use.

    This seems like a basic enough tutorial too:


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    Originally posted by Black_phoenix
    Hi this may be of some use


    Wow thats a cool link! Thanks man

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