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Thread: teamone-usa - nice 3D from 2A

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    Jun 2003
    The 3D work on this site is insane! The interface served it's purpose well too, personally I like the full screen, as long as there's a way to close it...

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    May 2004
    my question would be, is 2A preparing for the future? We have 3mb plans from bellsouth available for the public. It would make sense to create a site catered for future broadband experiences.

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    Baltimore, MD
    I think that's 2A's whole promotional tag line: futurism, progressive, fight for the future etc. etc.

    They're one of the companies waiting for broadband to become the way 80% of people view the web. It brings more content and more interactivitiy to the web, and greater experiences ...

    Of course, as we know, I fight day in and day out with people on this board about that idea. A lot of cats seem to want to keep the web where it is (or even take it back a few years) with websites being static pages with white backgrounds, black text and a few images here and there.

    Can't wait to see more sites adopt the 2A and FI skill as well as outlook on the internet and it's use as an information/education/entertainment medium.

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    anyone got any idea how much does it cost to develop a website like teamone and monoedge?

    it looks damn cool thou!

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