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Thread: XML menu problem... end of my rope here!

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    XML menu problem... end of my rope here!

    I'm at the end of my rope with this! I found a XML player on FlashKit that I really enjoy and wanted to adapt to my website needs. One of the features it has is a menu that can be updated by an XML file. My problem is that I'd like the menu to be inside a pop-up box, meaning that it doesn't show unless the user selects the pop-up box. I've struggled through the player's actionscript to try to find an easy way to adapt it's code to the pop-up box, but I've had no success...

    The player has a playlist mc with a target mc inside. Then there is another mc, playlistItem, a dynamic text box for the songs. I've tried moving the playlist mc/target mc to the pop-up box, but then nothing works. I've tried just copying the target mc to the power mc in my pop-up box and that doesn't work. I've tried renaming playlist in the mc code to "power" to call up the power mc, thinking that this would be the answer.. No luck. I've been struggling with this player for over a week now with no progress!

    Please, can you help me? I'll post the .fla, if this will make more sense.
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