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Thread: Stupid Bible Questions

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    You should ask the "religious right" why they hate gays, minorities, poor people and anyone of another faith?

    Doesn't Christianity teach tolerance?

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    The Bible does condemn homosexuality,and other forms of immorality for sure, but it teaches to hate the act, not the person. Christians are commanded to "love" people, but not lifestyles, and habits that go contrary to its principles.

    Judging Homosexuals is NOT the place for a Christian to do, as Jesus said " Do not you Judge", but rather the judgement belongs to God.

    Being poor is not a crime last I heard, and being of another religion is a matter of choice, and people are free to practice whatever religion they want to ( unless you are in Saudi Arabia and the like).......but Multifaith or multifellowship is a matter for each religion to decide wether its good or bad for it.....Personaly I'm against Multifaith.


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    Originally posted by XU1
    Just because some one does something in the name of Jesus does Not mean that Jesus, or the Bible has sanctioned their actions.

    Why should Jesus get the blame for what early settlers did to indiginous people in the new lands?? Jesus teachings were totaly contrary to their actions.

    If Jesus taught Love and Peace and to turn the other cheeck, why should he be blamed for the actions of past, and present hypocrites?

    The only success hipocrites have, is in bringing reproach on their professed religion.
    Tony-I don't mean to bring politics into this thread but in other threads you have professed support for Bush. and Bush has made it clear he believes in Christ. yet Bush initiated war against Iraq and in the process many innocent people died. how can Bush (or you) resolve these actions with your belief in Christ? I'm not trying to provoke a fight here-I really want to know how this is possible. although I am not a christian I was raised in a devout christian family and I have read the new testament extensively. and I simply cannot picture Jesus killing those men, women and children in Iraq based on the idea that their country might be a threat sometime in the near future.

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    Man I had a great post yesterday but the database had an error and I guess it never showed up.

    Anyway what it said was:

    I honestly don't believe there are many (if any) true christians in the world today. Rather people have their own personal religions that they justify through their own morals and than base it on christianity.

    Let me try to simplify.

    If you say you are a christian, yet you believe premarital sex is okay. You aren't actually believing in christianity, but rather your own religion based on christianity. Yes you believe in christ, that he was the son of god, however your beliefs are not christian beliefs.

    Just pretend there was a list that determined what a true christian is. It had questions like do you think X, do you believe Y, do you obey Z, do you practice K. Now unless you answer yes to all, you are not a true christian.

    Just the same as if you take a golden retreiver and a labrador retreiver and a french poodle. You now make a list to determine what is a real golden retreiver. The french poodle will have almost no similarities, while the labrador retreiver will have many similarities, yet only the golden retreiver would actually be a golden retreiver.

    Now you could equate:
    the golden retreiver to a true christian.
    the labrador to someone who believes premarital sex is okay.
    the french poodle to the Jerry Springer guest who belongs to the KKK, has six wives, and pimps out his mom.

    Does that make any sense??

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    I think one of the biggest misconceptions most Christians have is that once you die you either go directly to heaven or hell. Heaven doesn't exist as a physical place yet. There is no actual heaven yet. Right now, heaven is God. A select few have risen up directly to heaven from earth (such as Moses) but they are only there spiritually. In Revelations it says that when Jesus comes back, he'll judge the living AND the dead. Why would it say this if Jesus had already judged the dead? So basically, when you die, you're pretty much in a comma, in a spiritual sleep until Jesus returns in the end times. So I don't think Lazarus was actually in Heaven. He was just dead.

    As for why he would bring him back if he was evil, you must remember that nobody is inherently evil. We are all sinners. This guy was just lucky enough to see a miracle performed by Jesus (it would have been really easy for him to have faith, right?). So it was probably not his time.

    Lastly, all of the miracles performed by Jesus are in the Bible partly to show the power of God. This particular miracle shows God's mastery over Death, which is pretty important according to Christian doctrine.

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    Actually, Jesus was not being cruel at all, and heaven is a beautiful place described in the bible, and Jesus does not bring souls from hell. The reason Jesus brought the souls back was because he had to show people that he was indeed the savior.

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    hello 2004

    How did we hear what god said?
    fascinating question. maybe god told moses about it when he wrote the book.

    The reason Jesus brought the souls back was because he had to show people that he was indeed the savior.
    when you're god, you can basically just do whatever you want, not having to answer teenager questions about your actions, right? romans 11:33
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    Heaven is where ever the presence of God is. So since Jesus is the second part of the God head you could say you are in heaven if Jesus is with you. Just to set the stage we are slaves purchased for a price. I am sure you read that if you read the scripture. That means we either a slave to sin/death because of Adam and Eve or your a slave purchased by the blood of Jesus on the cross. 1 or 0 the only two choices. A non decisions for Jesus is a decision to be a slave to sin. So if your master calls your name what are you going to do? Your going to respond to His order. With that being said Heaven is not a bunch of dudes plucking harps with wings. Sure the streets are made of Gold but that's just so you get perspective. The junk we value here, the use for blacktop there.

    Just a news flash all of us are evil there is only one who was sinless, yup, Jesus. His work was to take our place on the cross, he did a switch, took our deserved punishment and gave us his all access pass. The only deal is we have to acknowledge we are sinners and die to our own desires and live for God. That is what picking up our cross and following Jesus is all about. Salvation is free, discipleship cost you your life. That parable about a man needs to count the cost of building a house lest he be put to open shame is something you have to consider. Following Jesus costs you everything. It's not a simple prayer type thing, a one and done. Nope it's a life long pursuit to be conformed into his image. So why did He bring them back? It glorified His father. And I can tell you these folks did not care, they knew it was going to happen. I can tell you this they did not fear death after that. They knew where they were headed and what was waiting. Read about the faith of the Disciples in the book "Foxes book of Martyrs" or you can visit http://amazingbibletimeline.com/bibl..._apostles_die/ 12 men died because they were faithful to what they knew to be true. If they thought Jesus was a hoax would they would have denounced their faith. Hope that helps answer some of your questions. If you have more just ask sarcastic or not I'll try to give you the best answer I can.
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