I'm working on a site that uses an Open Cube horizontal drop-down menu. The menu falls over a small flash slide show. On Mac IE, which doesn't support transparency mode, the menu falls behind the flash. I'm trying to decide the best workaround for this. My preference is to do a simple browser sniff and if it detects a browser that is problematic, just swap the flash out for a jpg image.

I already have the following code to write a cookie to display the flash only on the first load per day (thanks to your Flash Kit forum for this assistance too!). Can I also integrate something to handle this issue as well, or should I do something else?

Now = new Date();
Today = Now.getDate() + "/" + Now.getMonth() + "/" + Now.getYear();
Cookie = sharedObject.getLocal("Date");
if(Cookie.data.Today == Today) {
this.stop(); //stay stopped on frame 1
}else {
this.gotoAndPlay(2); //Play movie
Cookie.data.Today = Today;