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Thread: Ripped off by fake site?

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    Ripped off by fake site?

    Hi guys,

    I think I've beeen ripped off by a fake site,


    I bought some web space from them, 29.99 for a years worth of 250 mb IIS space.

    I can't login and have had no response from them.

    Do you think I have been ripped off?

    And if so what can I do about it?

    I feel like a right mug, looking back, it did seem a bit too cheap.

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    You can dispute the charge.
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    If I saw this on a hosting site, I'd Google some more:

    "We are able to get you the trafic your site deserves, within weeks your site will be getting thousands of hits a day through thousands of search engines from all over the world..."

    What or Who is Abbif?

    "Abbif or rather Hiram Abbif the chief Architect of Solomons Temple, was killed by assassins while they tried to extract a secret knowledge from him. He did not tell the secret that dated back to ancient times and died for it.

    Some say that in reality Hiram Abbif was fictional and a Jewish symbolic version of the true character from history on whom he was based. Namely Seqenenre Tao, the Egyptian Priest-King and last custodian of the greatest of all spiritual secrets..."

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    how long has it been since you bought the package? sometimes you can't log in for like 24 hrs , give it time for the dbase to update and atleast 5 business days for contact

    the site/company looks reptuible
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    If you paid by credit card and it wasn't too long ago you can contact your credit card company for something called a chargeback. The credit card company will then pay you back and chase the Abbif company for payment.

    If not then I can't help.
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