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Thread: know when dynamic text is updated?

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    know when dynamic text is updated?

    I have a movie, 1 keyframe so far.

    The is a dynamic text box with a lot of text, when the movie loads, the text appears 1-2 seconds after load time.

    The scroll bar doesn't scroll the entire length of text because of this.

    Is there any way to tell when the text is loaded, then create the scroll bar?
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    post fla please

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    This is a project I took over after the previous guy got fired, its a nightmare, there is no sense in this being a flash file to begin with. You should have seen it before I started fixing it up.


    The problem is in frame 1. When Im working on a blank project and use the actionscript it works fine. However when I use it on this project the actionscript doesn't run. I can't find the problem, then again ive been awake for 15 hours, and im pretty sure that it is a simple solution, such as a var name or something stupid, I just cant find it, and frusterated.

    text.txt has the following contents:

    text=THE WATER CRAFT PRO TOUR 04-19-2004

    The Personal Water Craft pro tour heads to Macon, Georgia and Lake
    Tobesofkee on the 24th and 25th of April for a World Qualifier. All
    racers have their eyes on the RESQ pro/am points and the bonus that
    comes with the points lead for the AMI, Surf and Turf Championship
    Series. Hosted by Mike Young of Surf and Turf Promotions and sanctioned
    by the APBA. RESQ is proud to sponsor the series and looks forward to a
    great year of racing. Check out the race host web site at
    surfandturfpromotions.com and following race check APBA's site at
    www.apbapwr.com to get the race

    Great racing on Q,

    RESQ PRO/AM 2004 02-09-2004

    Hello RESQers:

    RESQ launches the jet ski pro tour as the official power drink of the AMI
    Surf and Turf Promotion sponsored pro jet ski tour event. The event
    takes place March 20th and 21st at the Radisson on Okaloosa Island in Ft
    Walton Beach, FL. This event is for points toward the World Nationals,
    Come out and see top names competing at their favourite venue on the

    Contact the office of Mike Young @ Surf and Turf Promotions for further
    information: 850-609-1712.

    Team RESQ USA

    RESQ Spring Break 2004 01-30-2004

    Hello RESQers:

    RESQ power drink opens Spring Break 2004 with a bang as the exclusive
    power drink of Concerts for Charity and Elemental Supremacy. We are
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    Center on Okaloosa Island in Ft. Walton Beach, FL. The feature act will be
    Digital Underground with Shock G. The event will contain many acts with
    R&B, Hip Hop and Techno being performed in separate venues under
    one roof. For advanced ticket info: contact Fred for further details
    visit www.elementalsurpremacy.com

    Q it up!
    Team RESQ USA

    ...::: Happy New Year 2004 :::... 01-01-2004

    Ladies and Gentlemen:

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    Yipes!!! This thing has all sorts of problems..

    First, to your question at hand, the scrollbar and scrollpane components do not automatically resize if their contents change after they've been loaded, only if they're told to (which would be something that could be included in the loadVars.onLoad function). Or you can do like I did in the attached, and just cram all the text into a text field in a movie clip and create a background to go behind it and provide some margin. (makes it somewhat harder to update though)

    There is an inherent problem with how that text field is designed though in that it will only continue to get bigger. You need a list of your news history so that your users can click to get specific notes by headline, instead of scrolling and scrolling and scrolling, etc.

    The MAJOR issue with this is the huge file size!! Published to .swf it is 2.3MB, which is INSANE even on broadband, and exponentially more impossible on dialup (this is about a 10-minute wait time to download your homepage on an average dialup connection, and a 10-20 second wait on broadband, which is considerably longer than most pages out there). There's no way anyone on dialup would be patient enough to wait for this to download, even with the best preloader on the planet (which I didn't look to see if there even was one).

    This has way too many huge things crammed into one file - the browser experience needs to be streamlined so that it'll load fast, and bring up the big files (video, audio) in the background while the user reads text or whatever. Take advantage of loading external movie clips and driving data (like your news articles) with a database would help a lot.. There's probably a lot of extra code being loaded that isn't necessary anymore either.

    I know you didn't ask for a review, but that's just my $0.02 on what you have here. I feel your pain.

    If you need to get it out there right away, the attached file will work fine.
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    The file is too big to upload here

    Try here:


    (that's my old band's site)
    Laughter is the very best medicine. Remember that when your appendix bursts next week.

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    Didn't read other posts but you could use this to laod the text and then check if it is loaded

    loadtext = new LoadVars();
    loadtext.onLoad = function(doneloading) {
    if(doneloading) {
    trace("text is finished loading");
    _root.scrollbar._visible = true;
    trace("couldn't load text");
    _root.scrollbar._visible = false;

    So tired of all the fighting....


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