Ok i have a site i am making for my church. Here is what i have so far. I have designed one page in flash. I will call it home. I have buttons on it that i want to go to other pages that have also been designed in flash, currently each button uses the geturl command and opens another html page that has the swf movie for that department in it. Is this the best way to do this?

HERE is my layout:
- Childrens Church
- Womens Minestry
- Youth

Each page is totally differnt not even the same background. Dont ask why, that is just they way they wanted it. Only thing the same on each page is a link back to the home page. I am new to flash just started using it about a month ago, i searched the forum, but found 255 different things and was unable to get the answers i was looking for. Any help would be great.