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Thread: [F8] wow why wont this work?? please help

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    [F8] wow why wont this work?? please help

    ok im getting sick of trying to solve this buton issue ive tried everything and its not working i uploaded .swf to geocities and thats my source location then i put the code in on myspace it comes up fine its just my buttons wont work there. they work when i do the source by itself through geocities but not once i get it on myspace. if interested i can provide the .fla and myspace url and geocities source url. thanks alot.

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    Ants, I'm not sure exactly why the reason is that your buttons won't work. I do believe I had heard that myspace was restricting what was allowed and what was not allowed on their site. Perhaps they are not allowing flash based things. I do know that they stopped the ability to have remote links to stuff like photobucket. They were still allowing a limited about of remote files but very very restricted. Basically perhaps the reason it's not working is because myspace doesn't want it there.

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