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Thread: Emulate the OSX Screensaver

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    Emulate the OSX Screensaver

    Hi all

    I've been trying this for about a week and It's not realy working. I got so frustrated I've just scrapped it and I'm starting again.

    what i'm trying to do is emulate the OSX screensaver...the pictures that crossfade and zoom in and out and move alittle to the corner....It's hard to explain but those of you with OSX will know what I mean. It very smooth and presents a nice soothing presentation of the images.

    can anyone please give me a starting point....here and the deatils of how it may work.

    I have the images loaded in externaly...The first image fades in and then as it slightly zooms it moves of the the side a little and then it crossfade with the second image, then it does the same and so on amd so on.

    maybe 6 images in total.

    I was told that all the fx could be done using math as opposed to tweening....this did my head in as that was beyond me but i'm willing to learn.

    The FX (zoom/moves) could be random, I think that would be beter anyway.

    and mabye to could help with the loading if the 2nd image was the load while the 1st image is doing the FX and then the 3rd image to load while the 2nd image it doing its thing etc. etc.

    please let me know your thought on this.


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    I was given this by Prisma:

    PHP Code:
    myPicture.counter 0;
    myPicture.onEnterFrame = function() {
    //changing bahaviours depending on various conditions
    if (this.counter == 0this.xSpeed = -2;
       if (
    this._x <= 0) {
    this.xSpeed 3;
    this.alphaSpeed = -2;
       if (
    this.counter == 30this.ySpeed 1;
    //applying the behaviours
    this._x += this.xSpeed;
    this._y += this.ySpeed;
    this._alpha += this.alphaSpeed;

    although i'm not to sure how to implement it.

    I am a novice when it comes to actionscript.

    I have 6 images to work with and they are all the same size and format.

    I need 1 to fade in after the other and then move and zoom.

    any ideas?


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