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Thread: Final Portfolio Site Please Criticize

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    Final Portfolio Site Please Criticize

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    not bad, really dont like the floaty text box thing (very technical term!!)

    maybe an optical illusion but is the main circle actually round, maybe its just me, worth checkin though

    music works well


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    I don't like it.
    Kinda empty. Circle idea might be not that bad but badly implemented.
    Buttons look ugly. Are they sopposed to look three dimensional, couse they kinda shaded on one side...
    Why do I have to take my mouse to the button to read where it'll lead me?
    I guess it's your first work in Flash, don't give up... observe and learn from good gyes...
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    needs some color. and make better use of space

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    Sorry but....

    -The circle isn't actually round so the movements after clicking a button look bad.
    -The buttons should really have text on them so you don't have to search using the mouse over text. It might be ok if they didn't move.
    -The text is very plain and not rounded enough.
    -The 'Visual' section doesn't actually tell you to drop a picture in the area. All it says is drag here which can be confusing.
    -After moving away from the initial screen there is no indication what the site is or is about.
    -The edges of the two outside buttons are not finished and look sloppy.
    -The info/credits page will be very annoying for people who a) cannot read very fast and b) have bad eyesite and will have problems with the scrolling.
    -The 'contact' pop up is not sized correctly and the 'clear' and 'submit' buttons are only half showing.

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