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Thread: Timed event

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    Timed event

    need a script that will execute a event when ever it reaches the specifiec Day, & Time. However it is a reacuring event every week at the same time.

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    for web use or intranet use? if intranet, there're lots of options - if its for the web you're probably going to have to use a batch or NT's at command (if you're being served on a windows box; otherwise - i dunno if nix have something similiar but you could do it with php if there werent other options)...

    anyhow you're probably gonna have to use something else (the "at" command is like window's task scheduler for nt - and i guess .net now hmmm) to check the date/time whatever then have it reup the swf - i suppose you could call several million setIntervals or enterFrames and then use the Date class with conditionals to over and over to check what time it is.

    if you find something less retarded than enterFrame and less cumbersome than batching to ftp, i'd be interested in hearing about what you found

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    Here's a sample script that does it. Read the documentation for both the Date() object, and setInterval() for help figuring it out.

    - Jim


    // A sample script to generate an event every thursday at 5:00 pm
    alarmDay = 4; // sunday is 0, monday is 1, etc.
    alarmHour = 17;
    alarmMinute = 0;

    // Some useful constants
    kMillisecondsInSecond = 1000;
    kMillisecondsInMinute = kMillisecondsInSecond*60;
    kMillisecondsInHour = kMillisecondsInMinute*60;
    kMillisecondsInDay = kMillisecondsInHour*24;

    myAlarmAction = function(alarmDay, alarmHour, alarmMinute)

    // Do whatever you want to do on thursday here...
    trace('brrrrring! brrrrrng!');

    mySetAlarm(alarmDay, alarmHour, alarmMinute); // set alarm for next week

    mySetAlarm = function(alarmDay,alarmHour,alarmMinute)
    // get current time
    var d = new Date();
    // get date of previous midnight
    var dm = new Date(d.getFullYear(), d.getMonth(), d.getDate()); // date of last midnight
    // convert it to milliseconds
    var ms = dm.getTime();
    // figure out how many days till day of alarm
    var day = dm.getDay();
    var dayD = (alarmDay+7 - day) % 7;
    // adjust milliseconds to time of alarm
    ms += dayD*kMillisecondsInDay;
    ms += alarmHour*kMillisecondsInHour;
    ms += alarmMinute*kMillisecondsInMinute;
    // new date object for time at which we want alarm to go off
    var df = new Date(ms);
    trace("Setting alarm for " + df);

    // Difference in milliseconds between alarm time and now
    var msDiff = df.getTime() - d.getTime();
    alarmHandle = setInterval(myAlarmAction, msDiff, alarmDay, alarmHour, alarmMinute);

    mySetAlarm(alarmDay, alarmHour, alarmMinute);

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    Thank you

    thanks for the script that will do what i need it to do. I appreciate it.

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    Timmer hangs up

    I tested the timer out however everytime it gets to the set time it freezes and doesn't display the Brrrrrring Brrrrrring. Any ideas.

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    maybe copy/paste didn't work..
    see attachment.

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