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Thread: flash intro that takes you in to the web site

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    Hi every one I just got done reading all of the messages you posted about intros being fast, short and visually interesting these are all good points to remember

    The company I work has a flash intro that takes you in to the web site, just need to know if I am doing the right thing

    I am learning and can you offer any ideas, to improve my work


    the bandwidth is good the hole site is only 300k

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    don't make one if you don't need one.


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    well yeah intro are not THE important part of a website and if u are doing a corportae site I may suggest that u do not do one provided that mostly people will want to got to the main point not waste time looking at picture (I would but because I like flash tech...)


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    Actually that's an excelent site as is..

    I think that is one awesome site right now.. It's very good.. For a corparate site I don't think it's necessary really at all.. Just somehing simple..

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    i dont really like this site

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    With a corporate site you have to be clear with your target audience. What is the company trying to achieve by having a website and what will your clients be using it for.
    A lot of the time it might simply be to check your phone number or mailing address. Most people are looking for particular information, don't keep them waiting.

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