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Thread: Here's a hard one... (dynamic slider button)

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    Here's a hard one... (dynamic slider button)

    hey... any help on the below would be sweet >

    Flash MX (mac)

    Current Status (ref attachment):
    i have a sliding movie that moves objects (buttons) along in response to the placement of the mouse. once clicked, they take the movie (_root) to a new frame.

    Desired Effect:
    i would like to create an effect that when the moving button is clicked, it then scales and zooms out, from what ever position is was in, to fill the whole screen.
    (eg. moving thumbnails of photos that when clicked animate and fill the screen.)

    do you think the best way would be to have a motion tween on another frame that starts at the X/Y coordinates of the mouse??? what would be the general script for this

    thanks for your time.

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