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Thread: can't make link GoToandPlay a frame

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    can't make link GoToandPlay a frame

    main.fla - link to file

    i want the 'documents' link to go to the 'maindown' frame when clicked. i cant get it to happed. GetURL works but not GoToandPlay.

    i'm a noob to this board and had no time to search so sorry if it gets asked frequently.


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    Take a look at this and see if you understand what I did.


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    main modified

    i wanted to add more links than just the documents one and with the method you worked out for me i couldnt make the alternate link skip to a different frame to the documents link. i have added more to this version. if you could help me out that would be excellent!


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    I haven't looked at your code, but, Flash is case sensitive. Make sure it is gotoAndPlay and not goToandPlay.

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    actually i worked it out. i just missed something you had added. thankyou very much!


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    ok, this is beginning to go way over my head. i cant get two links to work with this method. i thought i did but i failed.


    i also have no idea how to make it so the window (inside the two pink lines) only opens up from the home page, not whenever the other links are clicked. don't worry so much about that problem, the multiple link one is the most important at the moment.


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