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Thread: create an event with sound position property

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    create an event with sound position property

    I using a voice over on a project, and I would like to have the sound file trigger events.

    How do I make an action in my timeline to tell a sound when it gets to 30 seconds to tell a mc to do something?

    ander = new Sound(andersen_mc);

    This is what I have on my timeline.How would I say at xxnumber of seconds tell yy_mc.gotoAndPlay(2);

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    you could try to use a frame based loop to repeatedly check the position property. When it is greater than or equal to 30 seconds execute some code.

    function trackPosition(){
      if(ander.position >= 30000){
         // code to execute
         return null; // stop frame based loop
    onEnterFrame = trackPosition;
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