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Thread: weird thing at top of flash movie

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    weird thing at top of flash movie

    Hello... please help this thing is driving me crazy. If you got to the link you can see what im talking about. There is a flash movie on the right side of the screen. On the top left hand corner of th flash movei there is some kind of extra flash pixel garbage or something. It makes everything look like crap because it breaks the line thaat goes across the screen. (you'll see what i mean when you look aat the link) I hae no idea wahts causing this. I have looked at the origina image i am using forthe background in t he flash file and did not see anything..

    Thanks in advance for any help.


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    No idea what you are referring to. It looks fine to me.

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    I think I see what your talking about, but the page looks fine to me. I just looks like the top line that runs the length of the page is transparent and image to the right is showing through. If that is the problem...it doesn't look like a problem.
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