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Thread: help please...

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    help please...

    i want to have a code that runs continously...

    i have two movie clips on the stage. clip1 and clip2
    i want to have a code that reposition clip2 base on the height of clip1

    for ex... i have a shape tween animation in clip1 that expands the height of a rect.

    as the rect is expanding, i want clip2 to be repositioned base on the height, so clip2 is always below the bottom of clip1.

    can someone please help?

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    This is a script that is intended to be attached to a frame. It assumes clip1 is named 'clip1' and clip2 is named 'clip2'.


    clip2.onEnterFrame = function()
    this._y = clip1._x + clip1._height;

    If, instead, you want to attach the script to directly to clip2, you would use this:


    _y = _parent.clip1._x + _parent.clip1._height;

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