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Thread: new portfolio site

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    new portfolio site

    I have been a designer for 5 years now but have only recently got into web design. This is my first site showcasing my work since going freelance. Not allowed to show my other work but will be putting an archive section on eventually. Comments and critiscm wanted (just not to nasty, please!!!!)
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    As far as your web is, i can say it looks good but it doesnt have enough color... If you really want to blow the surfers head away from their screen, why dont you make it more presentable by placing music and putting more blending colors with it...

    By the way, your animation was good!

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    Originally posted by technobry86

    By the way, your animation was good!
    Very Agree indeed. However u can improve by aligning the fonts to excact(eg x=10 y=10) this will make the fonts clearer and easier to read.

    Nice transitions.

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    Well done; you've written out the email address rather than just made a button, that's always a real pain with Flash sites.

    Nice colours and style, nice quick actions. Great stuff.

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    I would suggest using some easing in on some of your animations. All of your animations begin abruptly or end abruptly, giving it an unfinished feel. Using the ease in and out effects to your animation, even though a subtle touch, can give your site that extra feeling of professionalism. If you look at any of the real sweet looking sites you'll notice they use easing in almost all their animations. It makes it feel like more natural movement, even though it is digital. For example when you stop in your car, you don't go from full speed to stopped on a dime, but you ease into stopping your car, plus it make those that ride with you a little more comfortable if you ease into a stop or starting to drive. Your eyes like the same thing when you see animation.

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