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Thread: new portfolio site

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    new portfolio site

    Posted this in the members section as well. This is my first site if you exclude my photography site (in my portfolio section) but that is a monster and far from finished.
    Any feedback would be much appreciated, not 100% finished as I need to stream all my video work, oh and the portfolio splash page looks rubbish.
    BUT I needed to post otherwise I would be tweaking forever.

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    font in the center area is blurry....

    cute navigation on the lower left...
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    Much better than my first bag of rocks/site. Everything works well together, didn't have to wait long to load.
    The only thing that didn't look right is the font in the center, a little blury.
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    i like the feel of the site, very cohesive design. all of the animations are running smoothly too. the only thing i'd say is that the orange lines down the left and right sides don't seem to fit. don't get me wrong, the orange is nice compliment to the gray, but those lines have no sense of depth like the rest of the sit does. and with the real dark gray lines directly to the left and right of the main window, the orange lines almost look like they're floating out there. maybe there's a way to incorporate more orange but also giving it a sense of depth to fit in with the rest of the design.

    good work so far!
    it's all in the details

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    Excellent start! I love how the site builds together. The only thing I personally wasn't excited about was the gray design in the navigation, I think it took away from the good clean start of the site. Maybe something simple that fades in?

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