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Thread: duplicate movie clips for multiple MC's

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    duplicate movie clips for multiple MC's

    I need to duplicate several MC's (each one x 20) when he movie is loaded.

    I can't get it to work for the life of me....

    Any ideas?

    this code resides in _root.MC and the first frame
    ================================================== ==
    count = 0;

    function dup1() {
    while (count<20) {
    circle.duplicateMovieClip("circle"+count, count);

    count2 = 0;
    function dup2() {
    while (count2<20) {
    circle2.duplicateMovieClip("circle2"+count2, count2);


    ================================================== =
    Only duplicates the circle2. If I don't initiate the 2nd func (dup2();...it works for circle...and visa/versa?????????

    Can you NOT do duplicate movies for multiple MC's??

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    The problem is the depth of the movies you are duplicating (the 2nd parameter).

    You can only have one movieclip at a particular depth. If you try to put a second movieclip at the same depth, it obliterates the first one. To fix, in your dup2 code, change this line:

    circle2.duplicateMovieClip("circle2"+count2, count2);

    to this:

    circle2.duplicateMovieClip("circle2"+count2, count2 + 20);

    so the second set of movies go to unique depths.

    It's also worth mentioning that you could use a single function that accepts parameters, and reduce the amount of code by half.

    For example:


    function myDupe(mc, nameRoot, minDepth)
    for (count = 0; count < 20; ++count)
    mc.duplicateMovieClip(nameRoot+count, minDepth+count);

    myDupe(circle, "circle", 0);
    myDupe(circle2, "circle2", 20);

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