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Thread: How to play a .MOV file in Flash 5?

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    How to play a .MOV file in Flash 5?

    Sorry in advance if someone has posted this question before.

    I'm verry much a newbie when it comes to Flash, and more so when it comes to working with video in Flash. This is my first time trying to use video in Flash. I use a AMD Athlon, Win XP, Flash 5... hope that's enough info.

    I made a short video about 4 Meg's in size, and I was hoping to import it to Flash and work on it inside of Flash. After I imported the .MOV file it doesn't do anything. I'm not sure what direction to take. I was also hoping to clip some of the frames from the video, sort of make it shorter and just have it loop. The video is just a close up of water moving around. I was planing to mask the .MOV so it looks as if in a glass.

    I need some verry basic directions, preferably for doing this in Flash 5. Basicly... How to create a Flash MC out of a .MOV? I'm guessing that this is not as complicated as I think..

    Thanx in advance for any help from anyone, I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thanx again.
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    Use QT Pro and export an image sequence of the loop you'd like to use, then import the sequence to your timeline. Support for .mov is in Flash 5 is QT 4, and only allows you to link a QT movie to add a Flash track. This is not what you would like to do.

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