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Thread: ease option in tween motion

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    ease option in tween motion

    how does the "ease" option in tween motion-properties work? what does the number (1-100) mean?

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    If you have a movie that is "tuned" to your mouse position, it is the speed at which it moves towards your cursor.

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    easing works like this:

    with no easing an animation from _x=0 with 100 frames to _x=100 will result in _x=50 at frame 50.

    with easing you can change that f.ex. to _x=75 in frame 50 resulting in your animation starting fas and slowing down at the end, which will be "easing out"; or vice versa, with _x=25 at frame 50, speeding up at the end, which is called "easing in". Easing in generall makes your animation look less automated and more lifelike if you use it properly. along with anticipation and exxageration easing belongs to the basic skills of animation.
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