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Thread: ekhdesign.com.au

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    This site is not verry loud in appearance, but in it's simple way looks cool and clean.
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    Not bad, not bad...
    sorta boring, but a somewhat new concept.
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    Very nice intro. A solid concept too. Looses the power of it once inside.

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    y helo thar
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    weak, doesnt look like something that would be made for a studio with 30 employees at all.

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    nice concept, doesn't blow your mind, but different.

    It was nice and clean, and I think the work definitely speaks for itself, they have some pretty big clients there. Only thing I would say is the actual animation. Felt sorta amateur, especially like at the beginning when the numbers all moved to align, that winking face thing in the 'about us' section (didn't really look like a face too much), sorta seemed like the stuff you try out when you first open flash and make stuff move.

    They seem to be a predominantly print and packaging design company, so I wouldn't be expecting some super flash, although I was surprised to read they had 30 employees. I might have expected more for something like that (more samples of work even) but it still works well.

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