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Thread: _root timeline placement for AS animated MC's

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    _root timeline placement for AS animated MC's

    I am having problems here that might be difficult to explain, so please bear with me. I will attach my .fla in order to clarify.

    I have an Actionscripted animation that works fine. Its a nice bouncing ball. It is a MC, where the AS is located within the _root.ball timeline, and consists of four frames which cycle untill the animation reaches its final position then it stop()s, but all of which runs in just one frame in the _root timeline. I also have other AS animations each consisting of one frame in the _root timeline, but within the respective MC timelines, all consist of multiple frames which all loop untill an end position is reached and then stop().

    I want to run the ball MC and one other one (bottomline MC if you are looking at the .fla) at the same time, and then when the ball stops I want to run a third MC (ballmarcus), and so on. My difficulty comes in when trying to place any MC where it would run AFTER the ball one comes to completion.

    Yeah, thats the situation and problem. I hope this makes sence and someone out there can offer a solution or at least guide me in the direction of where to find a solution on my own. I know this type of issue will come up often in my animations, as I am trying to do as much movement in AS as possible. If I just can learn the principles behind this solution, I am sure I can apply it as needed.

    Of course, any time and help is greatly appriciated.
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    Let's say the ball is


    and the clip that runs after the ball is


    On the first frame of sheepDip, put a stop(); so that it doesn't run right away.
    If you don't want the first frame of sheepDip to be visible, then make that first frame blank.

    Then on the last frame of ball1, where you you currently have a stop(); add the following:


    You'll need to make sure that the sheepDip clip is actually named 'sheepDip' (or whatever name you like) in the properties panel.

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    Thanks again jbum. ::wink::

    I have a feeling you will be hearing more from me in the future. Keep the faith!


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