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Thread: eksport font

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    eksport font

    Hi all

    I have this problem that if i put some tekst in ex. a edit box or in a menu, and i use a font i have installed on my comp
    other people just see it as arial

    even thou that in HELP of 3DFA under text it says:
    "Flash files contain the shape of every letter, so text will appear the same on every computer. Fonts do not need to be installed on the viewer's computer."

    Another problem is that if i use danish chars (, and ) in editbox
    imported from php with root.loadVariables("post.php",GET);
    it does not show, but instead "eat" the next 2 letters.

    Hope you might be able to help

    Regards Benjamin

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    I Forgot!

    export font

    Alright, I've had this problem before:

    What the help file means is it doesn't matter if the person has the font installed on their computer as long as you make it a title. Edit boxes need the font installed on the person's computer because they are inputing the information/generating it. I think there is a way around this with HTML boxes..but I can't think of it off the top of my head. Try doing a search on the forum.

    Oops. I broke it.... again.

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    DOH !

    I could just have searched the forum with word "FONT"

    i did and i found both my answers
    and ofcource in things written by Blanius (u rox man)

    First Question the answer was

    Mark "Export font outlines"

    Second Question the answer was

    System.useCodepage = true;
    in the startscript.

    Thank u very much Blanius
    Regards Benjamin

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