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Thread: Video streaming for Flash 6

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    Video streaming for Flash 6

    I haven't posted this in video as i think it concerns more testing for connection speeds as appose to actual video:

    I want to try to replicate the Quicktime interface in flash i.e. the embedded video only starts playing when the users connection allows them to view the full movie without it halting.

    Controlling the Video etc. is no problem for me, but i think i just need to test for the connection and play accordingly???

    Any help very very much appreciated.

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    over there--->

    I have a similar request. I want to allow say half the movie to load then play the video.

    I am loading external swf files into a movieclip which works well. I can't get the loading of that external file right so it plays half, then plays the movie and continues to progressive load the rest of the video.

    If there is someone who knows how to do what ExileGame asks then im all ears to.


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