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Thread: Water Flowing

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    Water Flowing

    Hey guys,
    I'm working on my websites interface and I came up with the idea to make tubes that have slime flowing through them.

    The tubes I can make fine, but im curious how the hell am I going to make flowing slime?

    Heres an idea I've been working at. I made the base of the tube and then another layer as the beveled/gloss of the tube set to multiply. Anything that I put inbetween the two layers will appear to be inside of the tube.

    The tube is horizontal, so I need it to flow from one side to the other. To just scale the green liquid would be too bleh looking. I want it to have some flavor and have some rippling and splashing.

    Does anybody have any suggestions or tutorials on how I can acheive this? To do it frame by frame be too heavy on size, and I want it to be somewhat 56k friendly.

    Really appreciate any help

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    Try uesing a masking layer, add a .jpg and a moshion tween behinde the tubes.... ?

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