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Thread: To create a cool Flash site....

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    To create a cool Flash site....

    ...how much is Flash knowhow and how much is a natural flair for artistic design?

    I'd like to think that I could learn Flash and AS to a high degree of competancy (as I can pick programming languages up fairly quickly.

    However, anything that i do in Flash that I try to make remotely good-looking and pleasing on the eye, always turns out to be utter rubbish.

    I just don't have the natural talent and flair for graphic design.
    Do you think that it's something you can learn, or do you need to be born with it?


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    i think your creativity should be good enough to enable the end user surf the site without any confusion and at the same time it should also be soothing to eyes. Go through cool sites featured in our flash kit and you will get a taste of trendy designs

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    there are two cases to it, most of your artists are probablly born with some talent and with that talent they develop it over the years to make some incredible stuff.
    Then there are those who would like to learn it and slowly and with a lot of frustration and dedication they learn, and that is probablly what you need to do. Being born with it has nothing to do with learning it except that it might seem easier, but you will have to slowly develop it. Hope this helps!
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    eh, no some people are just gifted with a flair for the beautiful. Ive seen sites that are so amazingly complex i stand back in awe and wonder how any man could have created it. http://www.2advanced.com and then some sites are just really simple and look very clean and sharp. http://www.braingiants.com/v5/welcome.html and http://www.jonathanyuen.com/start.html

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