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Thread: Something simple

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    Something simple

    I am wanting to use a preloader for the site I have created. I didn't realize I was going to use a preloader until I was well into developing the site.

    My question, now that I have found all these tutorials on how to build a preloader - how do I incorporate them to my movie?

    Basically, I have my FLA all on scene 1.

    Is it possible to add the preloader after you have completed building the site?

    I can post the FLA if needed.
    To see the site goto http://www.skurz.com/flash/022/main.html
    Any insight appreciated.

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    yes you can, just create a new scene, and make sure its 1st in the scene list
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    I figured out how to create a new scene, but it creates scene two. All of my original stuff is on scene one.

    How do I move the items around so everything is moved to scene two and then place my preloader on scene one?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Thanks. Once I learned of the Scene Window I just moved the scene with my loader to front. I think it works!


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